“This is the dive gem. I love this place. I love the greasy crust, sweet sauce and square slices. Minneapolis has some great little pizza places but this is my sentimental favorite.”

“Remember the good cheesy pizza from back in the day? this is get! lots of cheese toppings, great tasting sauce and a super good discount on take- out orders. don't be fooled by pair of dice's location..it's by far the best mom and pop type pizza you'll find around.”

“Want a great pizza at a super low price ? Be sure to check out Pair of Dice. you'll get a great pizza full of cheese, REAL cheese. Served up quick for you. From the outside, the little store appears to be just another business on Broadway, but you'll be amazed of what food comes out of this place. Friendly staff and low prices make this a great pizza stop time and time again”

“Oh my gosh! the pizza was so tasty. We got our pizza hot and steamy. The rib tips are an absolute must have.”

“Just got my xtra cheese/veggie! I always get pair of dice pizza! Also got wings YUM! The best in the city.”

“Great pizza, wings, and especially rib tips!!!. Rib tips, rib tips, rib tips! These guys are always friendly when you go in there, and you can pick up your order or have it delivered. They're quick, and at the risk of repeating myself, I can't believe no one else mentions the rib tips!!! They're meaty, not fatty, and the sauce is perfect!”